Sandy Beddor

I want to thank Woofie for all his help and expertise during the past 4 months. I live in Colorado and had the opportunity to visit Africa, climb Kilimanjaro and travel through many parts of Africa earlier this year. I am an endurance adventurer. I have traveled to many parts of the world and participated in many types of adventure and endurance activities.

For example, a few years ago I went with a group to Patagonia and ran through three national parks in Chile and Argentina. Since I live at 8700 ft and train even higher, I was not too concerned about being able to summit Kilimanjaro. I knew all about altitude and have even had some altitude sickness in the past. However, the episodes were very temporary. Well when I went to Kilimanjaro over the spring of 2005, I was kicked in the gut and did not summit. Not summiting really weighed on me.

In addition, I had already scheduled an endurance adventure through Ecuador just 6 weeks after my return from Kilimanjaro. Once I returned to Colorado it became clear to me very quickly that I was not recovering fast enough from climbing Kilimanjaro. So as a good athlete I began looking for some help. I searched on line for coaches that specialized with multi day adventure runs and races. I found a website that had a link to a coach nearby. I emailed this coach, explained my situation and he then referred me to Woofie.

Once I contacted Woofie and explained my situation, he felt he could get me ready for Ecuador. As I trained with Woofie, many of his techniques were counter to what I had been taught and how I had trained in the past. For example, he really wanted me to rest a lot¸that drove me crazy BUT I decided to put my faith and trust in him and in the end it all worked out.

Now remember I said that not summiting Kilimanjaro was really weighing on me? Well as I was getting ready for Ecuador, I had the opportunity to put together another Kilimanjaro trip for August/September of 2005. So of course I let Woofie know that it was my intention to climb Kilimanjaro again and soon after Ecuador. Woofie took this challenge up and we continued to train after Ecuador. As it turns out, on my trip to Ecuador I met two of Woofie's friends. Then I knew for sure that Woofie was a real person!

The major improvements that I did for this training were three fold. 1st I really listened and took heart to Woofie preaching about hydration and replacing those electrolytes. Next I really did do the workouts, about 90% of them anyways and those were not easy, especially with work and life in general. The third thing I did was listen to when Woofie had me rest. My mantra was: Build muscle and endurance during the rest phase-hard to do but very essential. So on my second try to climb and summit Kilimanjaro, I was successful. In addition, I was able to take the hardest route, The Western Breech and I was strong the entire time!

Sandy Beddor

Ed Bullock


I wanted to thank you for the great coaching you have provided to me this 2006 Triathlon season. I have been particularly pleased with your ability to understand my needs as a 48 year-old athlete/Dad and willingness to customize my training plan based on my strengths, weaknesses, plans and restrictions. You always seemed to know exactly what I was feeling and saying when we corresponded. I have also really appreciated the direct advice you are willing to give on subjects such as races to do, bike choices, and training subjects from hydration to rest.

Since we only started working together in May, I think it was quite an accomplishment and testament to your program that my July Half-Ironman race, on a very hilly bike (leaving Transition it was immediately uphill to Richter Pass, back down and turnaround and come-back) course at Osoyoos turned out to be a 20 minute improvement on my personal best.

When I qualified for a slot at Ironman Canada, only 7 weeks later, you were completely understanding that I would change my race plans and you did a very nice job of adapting my schedule so I could have a strong IM, which I did (until I got hit by a car on the bike I was 30 minutes ahead of my previous years time!).

I have found you to be a good communicator, friendly and positive at every step of the way. I look forward to you continuing to be my coach and a chance to meet at some future event.

Ed Bullock

Nicole Strong

I first met Anthony "Woofie" Humpage several years ago, while we were both running the Zane Grey Highline 50 mile endurance run in Payson, AZ. HighLine is reputed to be the toughest 50 miler in the US, and when I saw Woofie's strong, steady gait I knew he had something.

Last year Woofie became my coach for my first Ironman Triathlon to be held in Tempe, AZ. on 4-9-05. With a cut-off time of 17 hours, my goal was a 16:59:59. Although I had a solid running base, I was a very slow runner and basically non-existent swimmer and biker. Woofie had 8 months to transform me into an Ironman. Through extensive interviews and a custom tailored program, Woofie set me on my goal.

Work was often conflicting with training due to my travel schedule, and Woofie always adjusted. Long story short, he promised me a 15 hour finish, and I scoffed, reminding him of my 16:59 goal. When the dust settled at the end of the race, I came in at 13:39:57. I was thrilled and best of all, had a tremendous marathon (4:39). I was sore for about a day or two, but took the whole week off just to reward myself. No injuries developed, and 3 weeks later I am preparing to run a marathon next weekend.

"Woofie made me an Ironman. I learned all he requires is two things: hard work, and determination. the ability will come."

Nicole Strong
Fountain Hills, AZ

Erin Richards

Over time, I've seen that I am very fortunate to have been drawn ultimately to just the right teachers and circumstances to prompt me to the next step in some aspect of my evolution.

Woofie, you have become one of those influential teachers in my life. Welcome to my personal history :) ...In athletics we call you guys "coaches" instead of teachers.... Without YOUR coaching I would not have been able to complete my first 50 miler,100 miler, and iron distance triathlon. Without your influence , I would not have made the specific dietary changes that led me to my lowest recorded bodyfat of 15.1%, or have experienced crewing and pacing an athleteat Badwater the last 2 summers.... Without the constant variety in workouts you've prescribed , I would not have been exposed to the skills and intensity associated with jumping rope, KB / barbell drills, and the modified Tabata protocol. This has led to my understanding that I could define fitness by many different measures than moving continuously for a long time.

Thank you so much for getting me to the big running and triathlon goals, but especially thanks for always being willing to meet me exactly where I am.

Erin Richards

Josh Henkin

Anthony Humpage represents the highest qualities of a coach. Coach Humpage puts emphasis on the details and is always looking for better ways to get his clients the best results possible.

His desire to stay on the cutting edge should make other professionals motivated to reach their potential as coaches and improve their abilities as well. I highly recommend those that are serious about obtaining results to work with Anthony Humpage.

Josh Henkin CSCS Owner/Director
Ultimate Sandbag Training
I am 56 years old and have been running for 20 years, 18 since my first marathon. I thought I knew my body and also thought I was quite knowledgeable with setting up a training program for myself.

I had read many of Woofie’s posts on the Ultralist and then saw his name on Karl King’s website. Once I had contacted him and started my program I quickly realized how much I didn’t know. I had convinced myself that I needed to eat prior to running. I had also been running in a dehydrated state. With Woofie’s encouragement I reluctantly changed my routine. I was amazed with the improvement in my energy. Training by Heart Rate was a new (painfully slow) experience for me. I quickly discovered I had been training at a HR that prevented any recovery or endurance benefit. By following his strength and running program I was able remain injury free which was something that had eluded me for a few years.

With Woofie’s encouragement and guidance my confidence and motivation to train increased. This has been an amazing journey for me.

Tom Buckley
I used to think that Phil Jackson was the best coach on the planet, and
Woofie ranked second. After the Lakers disastrous implosion season, I had
to re-evaluate. Since my opinion is performance-based, I believe that
Woofie is pretty much the best coach that I know of.

After following Woofie's training schedule, I set a 55 minute p.r. at the
Bulldog 50k. It was 105 degrees during the race and the course contained
all of my demons (steep, technical downhill's with a lot of loose rock and
poison oak; and a water crossing with only loose rock for stepping stones).
In previous years, I have fallen several times, somehow managed to get
systemic poison oak, and barely made the cut-off times. Not only did Woofie
prepare a successful physical training plan for me, but a psychological one
as well.

His philosophy/schedule was radically different that what I was used to. It
included speed work, hill repeats, tempo runs, resistance training, and no
junk mileage. This was the polar opposite of how everyone else in my running
club was training for ultraruns. And he also required me to be accountable
for every aspect of my training (heart rate, effort level, mindset,
nutrition). When I would ask a question, he would email me the answer and
include a ten page article from a scientific journal, complete with
footnotes! Woofie was almost fascist in his level of detail (but I mean
that in the best possible way). He knew exactly when to back off, when to
slow me down and when to push me.

The people in my running club used to call
me "Turtle". They don't call me that anymore.

Lorna Tansey
Before I started training with Woofie Humpage he did a lot of work to determine where I was - mind, body and soul. Questionnaires, personal discussions, and then he would listen to me dream, whine, and complain.  At the time I had my Vo2 max tested and had read all about what it meant.  Now, thanks to Woofie, I own it!  If a problem would come up in training, Woofie took it on as if it was his own.  We would find the answer together.  Woofie worked to get me to succeed, encouraging and directing me.  He took it as his failure if I didn't succeed. This man is coaching to change people’s lives, so you can train injury free for life, not just to the next race. He coaches because he loves it, he doesn't need the money and training people isn't his livelihood.  If he coaches you, it's because he wants to.  He can help you to continue to do what you love and do it at a level beyond what you thought was possible.

Dr Matthew Teusink, DC, FIAMA